It took you almost a year but you did it Jackson, you are walking! By the end of 2016 we were so happy that you could sit on your own, now look at the progress you have made the past year! You are not only walking, you talk, you sing, you dance. You are one happy little toddler*.

I’ve watched you learn to fall and get up again, time after time. You never cried. I cannot imagine the power and strength you have put into this without having your natural feel of balance. Just like I cannot tell what it is to be deaf. You teach me that. I’ve never doubted your ability to walk but you did test my patience at times. Watching kids your age running sometimes hurt me, I guess it frustrated me more than you. We did not want to push you but with the help of our physiotherapist we did challenge you every now and then. Without her help and advice we would have been lost.

A new year awaits, walk into it with an open mind and an open heart my dear Jackson. Let’s see what adventures lie ahead.

*don’t be fooled, the happy little toddler also has his moments, he is after all 2…