Dear 2016,

You were a tough deal. For many of us, in all parts of the world, tragedies happened, big and small. Some too grotesque to witness and too complex for me to conceive. On a personal level, 2016 brought us the worst news. Still, I feel blessed to have a loving family and to be safe. That we don’t have to flee our home country in search for a better future. That Jackson has access to the best possible care.

In the past year the actions, decisions and choices of some people disappointed and even downright frightened me. In my own little world, I was grateful to experience a lot of warmth, compassion and support from all around.

So let’s hope that the next year will be better than the last. Look ahead, not back, there’s nothing to find there. Hopefully 2017 will bring us a step closer in finding a cure for Usher syndrome. That will be my wish.

I hope you and your loved ones will have a wonderful and healthy new year.

Oh, and to David Bowie, Prince and George Michael, I miss you guys.