Doctors and specialists tell me it will take time, and lots of patience, but Jackson will walk. I know that. But it does not always feel that way. He struggles, and I find it so hard to witness. We visit a physiotherapist every 2 weeks, just to check on his progress, and she gives us exercises and things we can work on with him. Since a few days he really seems to want to stand on his own, he takes more risks, but he is not ready for that yet. It frustrates me to see this. I think he so badly wants to stand and walk like the rest of us. To experience the world on 2 feet. It’s the most natural thing for so many of us, yet so complicated if you have no natural balance. I cannot even imagine how difficult it is.

He will walk (some say he even tries to run) behind every push & pedal car he can get his hands on. He no longer takes the stairs on his hands and knees, he wants to stand up and climb it like we do. He even stands on our treadmill, holds the bar and starts running. So I know that in his mind he is ready, he wants to, but his body fails him at this point. Is he lacking control, strength? Is it just a matter of practise? Of gaining courage? I guess all of the above.

When we discussed it with our physiotherapist this week she suggested to introduce Jackson to a Kaye Walker. A 4 wheeled posture control walker. It has handles on the left and right side and a closed backside. This allows Jackson to walk, even if his balance is not on point yet. It also prevents him from walking with a bad postural alignment.

He took right off on it. Ha ha. But it is tiresome for him, he will walk around the house and in the garden. But when he’s done he’s done. It’s great to give him this opportunity and to let him experience walking.

If I read back on my blog, I had the same worries about him sitting. So I just have to keep the faith and be patient. Jackson is 21 months old now. We never set a time on when we expected him to walk, every Usher child is different. But I would love to hear from you other Usher 1B moms out there. When did your child start to walk?