I am not much of a team sport person, or gym class or any other sport to be executed at a certain time and place. I like to sweat on my own. So I took on running when I wanted to loose some weight, and once I was hooked, I could not stop. That was 15 years ago.

I will run every day if I have the time. Weekdays, weekends, holidays, at home or abroad, the routine has no exception. Even during pregnancy. I ran until the day before I gave birth, never had any problems and I am very thankful for that (and so is my husband, I think he dreaded the woman I would become if I would not be able to run). 2 weeks after Jackson was born I slowly started out again, often taking him with me.

Not forgetting about my true running buddy: our relentless Vizsla Dexter. Vizsla’s can run up to 40mph, they are the world’s second fastest dogs (only Greyhounds do better). They need extensive daily exercise, so I knew I had found my match in this breed. Besides the fact that I think they are just the most beautiful, adorable and lovable creatures. They say a tired Vizsla is a happy Vizsla, well nothing makes me happier than a snoring Dexter after a challenging run.

If I run, Dexter runs. The moment I come down the stairs in my running gear, he knows exactly what time it is. Let’s run wild! I love the outdoors, we’re lucky to live so close to nature and several beautiful woods and nature trails. It’s the best part of the day, early morning, rain or shine, me and my dog in the woods. No music, no distraction. To actually feel the change of the seasons, see wildlife, experience all weather conditions. It doesn’t matter how dirty, wet, muddy, soaked, cold or hot we get. It makes the shower afterwards even more rewarding.

I’ve never been to therapy but I cannot imagine it being better than running. It is what I need to do to keep sane, to find peace, to think or to not think at all. Sometimes I come back not even remembering the route I took. But I always come back feeling revived, ready to take on a new day. On the best and the worst days of my life, I run.

So If I can run and support the research in finding a cure for Usher syndrome, I am more than happy to oblige. On November 19th ushermom&friends will run4usher during the Zevenheuvelenloop night run in Nijmegen. A run in the dark, because living in the dark is the harsh reality for Usher patients.

Let’s make the impossible possible, #stopUSH.