You are helping. Reading this blog and trying to understanding Usher syndrome is already a great step forward. Usher syndrome is a rare genetic condition, I had not heard of it myself before. Understanding it starts with acknowledging it, you’ve already come that far.

Currently there is no cure for Usher syndrome. A lot of research is being done on how to slow down or halt degeneration of the retina using gene therapy or stem cells. I still have a lot to learn on this subject myself, but I am anxious to know all about it and share it here with you.

Research costs money, lots of it. All over the world people undertake action to raise money to find a cure for Usher syndrome. I am sure I will be one of those people someday, you will learn more about it here.

Want to know more about Usher syndrome ?

These are the sites that I turn to:

usher syndroom